Bright Endeavors Candles

I am seriously obsessed with these candles, they smell great but they have an even better mission! They support young moms which really touches my heart (my sister is a young mom) and they try to get them on the right track!

specter wireless headphones 

these are the best blue tooth headphones I've tried yet! I was really impressed by the sound quality and they connect to my Iphone effortlessly! The battery lasts forever, I use them at the gym and during my 45 minute commute twice a day everyday and I've only had to charge them once in the past week! I've only tried the Efitz but fully plan on getting an AQSTIX for the beach!

you can find them here.


Chris and I have been getting Hello Fresh every week for the past year, we have loved all of the recipes they've sent so far and how convenient it is! click the picture for $40 off of your first box!  

Fitmark Bags 

I love FitMark they're perfect for the gym, the weekend, and everyday use! They make it so easy to go from work to the gym, they're stylish and alot of the bags have insulated food storage areas! use code BB15 for 15% off!