Roses and Thorns

Hello my lovelies! I'd like to implement a weekly roses and thorns (aka things I loved and things that irritated me about the week!) The only rule is there must be a rose! 


babes though <3

babes though <3

  • I got a new car last week so I'm especially excited about that! [I must have had some good karma from donating the Saab]
  • It has finally warmed up here in Boston,
  • We had the Julie Fund walk last Saturday and it brought me so much joy! 
  • I got to spend time with my favorite people down the Cape this weekend <3
  • This probably makes me a terrible person but I heard about a real life "hunger games" reality show and I'm intrigued to see what happens 
Kiwi comfy at home, where he belongs 

Kiwi comfy at home, where he belongs 

  • This week has been so off, there was a calendaring issue at work on Monday that really got to me BUT mistakes happen and it doesn't matter in the big picture. 
  • My cat went missing Monday so I was super stressed about that all week, we finally found him last night though! 
  • Fidget Spinners, why are these a thing and why are they all over my newsfeed? 


Over all it's been a good week :) What were your roses? What were your thorns?