Let's Get Personal!

I've decided to have a little fun this week and create a list of random facts about myself; this ended up being way harder than I thought and took almost week to complete haha :) 

  1. I don't like to kill spiders! They kill the bad bugs!!!! 🕷🕸 I hate ants 🐜 
  2. I have two cats Kiwi and Binks! They also kill the bad bugs! 
  3. I love the color pink, but i hate pink clothes. They clash with my hair! #noredheademoji
  4. I love to cook, and obviously eat. The only foods I really dislike are peas, shrimp, and eggplant 
  5. I enjoy weight lifting, leg day is my faveeeee 
  6. I have never been to New York City. Even I find this shocking. 
  7. My favorite shows are Orange is the New Black and Modern family are my favorite scripted shows, however my guilty pleasures are The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Keeping up with the Kardashians (because duh). Other than that I don't really watch TV
  8. I grew up on Cape Cod, Yarmouth-Port to be exact #vacationland
  9. Latte art really makes my heart smile [the little things]
  10. I'm really into the universe and manifestation, i truly believe you receive what you put out. Good vibes only! Everything happens for a reason.
  11. I will not make any big decisions during Mercury Retrograde 
  12. I'd like own a Gym (with a juice bar inside) one day, hopefully in the not so distant future
  13. My childhood dream was to be a stay at home mom, and when we do have kids I would still like to pursue this dream 
  14. I lived in California for 6 months, I hate the cold and sometimes wish I didn't come back. I'm glad I did though otherwise I would have never met Chris  
  15. My favorite flowers are hydrangeas and peonies 
  16. I dropped out of college and it is my ONLY regret in life.  
  17. Blogging has helped me realize I don't care if people judge me, I don't need that negativity in my life anyways 
  18. My hair is naturally curly, everyone is very surprised when they see it and exclaims "you did your hair!" ... nope that's just how it really is. 
  19. I dyed it once and paid ALOT OF MONEY to return to my natural ginger locks.
  20. I'm a Virgo born in a Sagittarius moon. 
  21. I obsess over everything, I obsessed for a year over officially launching my blog before I actually did it. 
  22. I met Luke Bryan last summer and he told Chris he could "tell he had his hands full with this one" (this one being me) 
  23. I REALLLY want a dog
  24. I grew up with an Akita, she brought home a chipmunk once and I tried to nurse it back to health but it didn't make it. 
  25. I'm allergic to pineapple but sometimes i eat in anyways. 
  26. I'm a Patriots Fan, and went to my first Superbowl this year! I don't really care for other Sports that much but will always root for Boston! 
  27. I try to be healthy but I love Mexican food, Italian food, and Pizza so it doesn't usually work out for too long
  28. . My favorite 🍕 pizza is salami, pepperoni and tomato (trust me) 
  29. I don't really have a sweet tooth but I do love ice cream
  30. I get antsy if I've been away from the Beach for too long 
  31. I played tennis all through high school and still play as often as possible when it's warm enough
  32. I hate Forever21 because it's to chaotic, it makes my brain implode
  33. Halloween is my favorite, I LOVE to dress up! 
  34. I'm pretty laid back, it takes quite a bit for me to lose my cool, once I lose it however ....
  35. Summer is my favorite Season, we try to go to the beach most weekends during the summertime!
  36. I have zero self control when there is Pizza involved 
  37. Ice coffee always, 
  38. I prefer Honey Dew Donuts over Dunkin Donuts anyday! 
  39. I really love all animals, I was a vet tech for 7 years and sometimes think of going to vet school
  40. I met Chris before Tinder really blew up, I never had a chance to post amazing DMs
  41. My favorite movies are goodfellas, and Gone Baby, Gone. I like mobster-y and crime movies
  42. i love to go on roadtrips, I find being in the car so relaxing. I think this stems from going to and from the Cape to my dads every weekend when I was young. 
  43. Lance Bass was my first real crush!
  44. I only like Organic Milk, not because its Organic but it tastes way better than regular Milk
  45.  I was afraid of the dark into my late teens and would often sleep with my light on
  46. I like to have fun and will randomly break out into dance at any given time, Chris and our cats think I'm nuts but there is never a dull moment. 
  47. I will always love early 2000s rap, hip hop, and r&b. #sorrynotsorry but my life would not be the same with out Lil Jon, Weezy F Baby or Nelly 
  48. I get really sad when ever I see old people walking outside. It's totally irrational and I know it but I just can't help but be so sad for them! Am I the only one? 
  49. When we climbed Coba in Mexico I got half way up and realized i was terrified of heights and started crying. I made it to the top but Chris thought i was being dramatic! 
  50. My mom wanted to name me Sapphire Star; who ever talked her out of that THANK YOU ✨

I hope this didn't bore you and that it let you get to know me a little better!  What are some fun facts about you? Is there anything specific you'd like to know about me? Let's be friends!