it's just my face

Is there anything worse than feeling uncomfortable in your own skin? NO and for years I've really hated mine. I don't have the worst skin in the world BUT I'm acne prone and it's literally the worst. I tried proactive when I was younger and holy hell it was literally the worst! I couldn't leave my house for two weeks because it made my breakouts so much worst. Well finally at 26 I'm fed up with having awful skin and having to fully beat my face everyday just to go to work so I asked my Dr. for some Retin-A Micro and let me tell you I HAVE ZERO REGRETS about it! It been about two weeks now and my skin already looks so much smoother, clearer and just better!

However with the good also came "the uglies" as they will hereby be known as.  My skin as clear as can be also started peeling off of my face in small sections, so that's fun especially since it happened the night i was hosting a party :) the peeling lasted for about a week but seems to be clearing up now (thank god). I received Exuviance triple microdermabrasion face polish from Brand Backer and I've been using it every other day  (alternating nights with the retin-a) and I find it really helpful, it was super gentle but got a lot of the peeling skin off (gross sorry) and left my face feeling like smooth like a babies bottom, so I will be permanently incorporating that into my skincareroutine! 

Although I got the exuviance microdermabrasion triple polish for free all opinions are my own and I truly do love it and recommend it! It smells nice, it's gentle on my super sensitive skin, and it leaves me smooth and glowy. ✨

The Retin-A is also really drying so I've been using a PM face cream morning and night! I've linked both the moisturizer and the exfoliator below! Once my skin is where I want it I'll post a picture for you babes <3xo

Exuviance Microdermabrasion Exfoliator

CeraVe PM facial moisturizer