check in

Can you believe it's already March 1st? January and February FLEW by! I'm not complaining I hate the cold :) I feel like March is when everyone starts to fall off with their New Years intentions and resolutions, though i don't hate when the resolutioners stop crowding the gym I do love seeing others crush their goals.  I thought I'd do a check in since I set some pretty huge goals for myself this year!

  • Goal #1 - Start saving a down payment for a house 
  • Goal #2- Spend less time on my phone

So far goal #1 is going well, we set up an account on ally bank (it had the highest apy*) BUT we did take $1500 to go to the Super Bowl so unless we decide to throw that $1500 back in we'll probably have $23,500 in total next year. We've also decided to save for longer and buy in 2 years so we have a bigger down payment to put down. So until further notice i'll be living like a poor person. Adulting is SO FUN!

Now for goal #2 Let's be honest WHO WAS I KIDDING?! Someday's I'm on it less but some days I'm on it more. I try to be off it by 8:00-8:30 each night but i need to try a little (a lot) harder. We all know instagram is life though, am i right?

Since New Years I've also set a few other goals for myself: I'd like to get my real estate license, lose 10 lbs and make more time for the people i love. I'd like to schedule the real estate course by the end of March, keep me accountable people!

How are your goals going?


*APY- annual percentage yield; you're money is making you money.