We meet again retrograde.

Oh Mercury Retrograde we meet again! The wonders you do for my life are so ethereal.  As retrograde was starting I was returning from a week long stay in the Riviera Maya, which was lovely (we'll get back to that.) My first day back from vacation and before my work day even starts my boss gives me the boot.

We both went on vacation at the same time, and while he was on vacation he realized that I "just wasn't a good fit for him" - thanks for the heads up dude. I was pretty pissed at first, as you can imagine just coming back from vacay in a foreign country I spent a decent amount of money that I otherwise wouldn't have if I had known I was getting fired essentially right after I got through customs. I figured "not a good fit" must have been some sort of bs but he insists I did nothing wrong and did a "great job" and keeps reiterating to his sister and GM that "she's just not a good fit" so he really just is that much of an ass hole. Although it isn't ideal that I am temporarily poor as fuck I'm glad I don't have to go sit in that windowless office ever again. I also no longer feel bad for hating every second of every day or spending countless hours looking for a new job because clearly he had no problem really screwing me when it came down to it. So it's been 11 days of unemployed heavenly bliss. Between interviews and applications I've managed to get some yoga in, go for a hike, and clean my house among other fun things.

The only thing that is really concerning me now is Mercury is in retrograde until the 22 and I really should be employed by then. BUT YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO MAKE LIFE DECISIONS IN RETROGRADE! FUCK! As much as I really would love to wait, that just doesn't seem like a valid reason to live off of my boyfriend for longer than I have too. I'm coming to the end of one interview process and the beginning of a really exiting one! I would DIE to work at the second company, so fingers crossed. Praying to the stars that this retrograde doesn't throw me anymore of its retroshade. 

I know that a lot of you thinks retrograde is just like bull shit but I swear shit gets wacky for me every time. It may not always be so dramatic but like my crazy ex always texts me when mercury is in retrograde. With in the past week he tried to offer me $100 to go to lunch to "meet the real him" because obviously if you date some one for years you don't really know them. #Byefelicia