So discouraged.

I feel so stuck and like I'm never going to get a "real job." Most companies email me back before even interviewing me telling me "my experience isn't a close match" or some other bullshit when my resume is filled with 7 years of exactly what they were looking for. I know it's because I don't have a college degree. I have plenty of experience but no degree. Employers won't even talk to me because I don't have a bachelors, and if by chance I know someone and they are able to get me some sort of interview half of the interview is about "so you don't have a bachelors degree?" and it isn't much long after I'm told I'm not a good fit. Recruiters wont even pay me the time of day, and they're paid to find employees!

The most recent phone interview I had for a position I really wanted was going great and then pointed out that i don't have a bachelors which i followed up that I have taken some courses but it is incomplete, and highlighted my experience (which was all the experience they needed and more) the conversations continued and then pause "did it ever cross your mind to enroll in college after high school?" I did enroll, however I didn't have the means to stay enrolled! (obviously I said it more eloquently than that)

It is the most frustrating thing in the world, like I should stay in some dead end job that I hate and never have benefits because I haven't gone to college. I get that people look down on "uneducated" people for not going to school but unfortunately not everyone has that luxury. Not everyone qualifies for loans, or financial aid, or has great parents that can put them through school. Not everyone has supportive, stable environment that offers them the ability to flourish.

I have another interview Monday, let's see how this one goes. I'm literally so close to giving up.