I know I've been absent lately, these past few weeks have been busy, and over eventful. Good things happened but it has been the absolute most devastating week.

Acupuncture works 100%, I had my first treatment two weeks ago and hormonal symptoms started coming back (tenderness, etc...) Second treatment was this past Saturday, my acupuncturist put "to go" needles in when i left and said I could keep them in as long as i could tolerate them, up to one week. I took them out Tuesday and got my period an hour later! I also have only had one headache since my first session, I was averaging 4 a week!

Why am I so devastated then? My cat Sky went missing last Tuesday, my cat whom I love more than my own family. He's a 4 year old indoor/outdoor Siamese, it isn't abnormal for him to go out and not come home all night or maybe even a day or two. However since winter started he has been home at least once a day to eat and take a nap, so after a day went by I was concerned, I posted on the local face books,called animal control, we would call for him night and day (he comes when called), and we put up signs in the surrounding neighborhoods. Apparently he was very popular, but no one had seen him in days.

On the sixth day when I was getting home from work I noticed the signs were taken down, I aggressively told my boyfriend that "someone took down the signs!" and he told me he took them down, and that the neighbor found Sky passed away.

The neighbors father saw him Tuesday but didn't realize it was a cat (he has bad eyesight) he thought he was a towel, his son realized it was Sky and told Chris. We think he may have been sick because he was so young and seemingly fine.

I adopted Sky when he was 7 months old because his owners didn't want such a mean cat. Though he was vicious I loved him so much, he may not have been cuddly but the bond we had was indescribable. He knew I loved him and I know he loved me. He would let me pick him up and pretend he was Simba and stick his face in mine, even though he would attack other people for just touching him. He was smart, he learned that he could eat through the screens to get out if we tried to keep him in, he figured out how door knobs worked and where all the good treats were hidden. He had this way of fishing things out of the trash with out knocking it over or really making a mess. He was adventurous and loved to be outside. He may not have been most people's ideal pet but I'd give anything to have him back. I'd forego ever having a period again and live a life filled with headaches to reverse his untimely death.

I know he's in a better place, doing his favorite things (taking lives). Rest in the sweetest peace my angel.


 We get his ashes back Monday. I found a company in Seattle that will take some of the Ashes and blow them with glass into a memorial.


Despite all of my attempts to keep him indoors it was impossible so please don't berate me for having an outdoor cat.