Mercury Retrograde is finally over and we can all get back to our normal lives with out breaking our phones and contacting our exes, at least until May! Seriously though, I never thought anything of retrograde until this year. I honestly probably wasn't aware or present enough previously. It definitely explains some of my space cadet behavior in past weeks, and my nonchalant phone destruction, and my ex texting me (which I responded to because I didn't know who it was because I got a new phone!) His past attempted contact also seem to happen during retrograde as well. Sort of makes sense now.

Now that retrograde is over we can really start the new year. I've been doing a lot of research on manifestation, crystals, and alternative medicine lately. I'm pretty sure my boyfriend thinks I've gone off the deep end but he's being very supportive which is nice. I'm having some chronic issues with irregular menses, headaches, and I also just want to push my life into a more positive direction and be the healthiest version of myself.  Something inside of me is telling me that I should get crystals, look into herbal medicine, and manifest my own happiness and basically whatever else I  want. So I'm going to. I've scheduled an acupuncture appointment for next week.

I mostly want to try eastern medicine because my doctor hasn’t given me any answers at all in 2 years, ran a few sets of blood work with inconclusive results and her solution is to “try a different birth control” basically every 6 months. I’m over it. I’ve decided I’m done with birth control, it’s time to listen to what my body has to say and get it working properly again. The unnatural chemicals and synthetic hormones clearly aren't agreeing with my body (why would they?)

If anyone has any similar experiences, can recommend a crystal shop (online or boston area) or  just has any thoughts I'd love to hear from you!