Glass half full 

Well the Patriots aren't going to the Superbowl. Even though this saddens me deeply (deeper than it should), the selfish needy girlfriend in me is pleased. Them not going to the superbowl means Chris isn't going to the superbowl which is great cause I'm needy af. It also means that football season is offish over for me. It's been a great (long) 5 months boys, til next year. The ever devoted girlfriend I am has sat through HOURS of football games, pre-shows, post game shows, sports talk radio and it's finally over until August. I can watch trash t.v. again with out fear of the channel being changed because of some important (lame) interview that doesn't even matter. I feel like I have a boyfriend again, because Tom Brady is no longer the GOAT, I AM bitch!

Bronco's fans everywhere should be thanking Hochuli for making such bullshit calls on the Pats and "missing" most of the flags that should have been thrown on Denver. We all know Denver will never beat the Panthers in the SB anyways. With that said, you've had a decent carreer Peyton, #BYEFELICIA.