Just the beginning

I am pleased. Pleased that when I checked into my credit karma app this morning one of the collections debt that i paid had been removed and my credit score jumped about 13 points! Just waiting for the three others that were paid last week to come off, and thats just the beginning. I still have three other (larger) debts that will be paid with in the next 6 months and then i will officially be #debtfree! Its only 9:00 am but today has started on the right foot. I woke up early with Chris and we made our way to 5:30 yoga. I really can't think of a more refreshing way to begin the day! The morning instructor, Carlos, is great. He's really devoted to helping others with their practice and it shines through during his class.

Hopefully my boss comes in at some point today  and finds some shit he needs done because I (once again) have squat to do here in the office. So for now I'll be here with my feet up listening to some podcasts, while channeling my inner peace to my friends via snapchat. #thelife


later bitches