the passive aggression is real

So I've been king of MIA since new year, I'm just sort of in a "weird" place I think. Not like a bad place, just a weird place. Just trying to figure my life out (as usual) I suppose. My job is so mundane and is so boring that I have motivation to do jack shit. After sitting in my windowless office doing legit NOTHING for 8 hours 75% of the time when by the time I get home I've lost any inspiration that may have sparked while i wasted all day getting paid to sit on my ass.

Sounds like the dream right? Well I'm so bored, I have little to no human interaction, and since I inherently hate working already it really makes me wish I could quit and stay at home and be productive doing what ever the fuck i want everyday.  I would get so much done, I could have my house cleaned, gone to yoga, and started making some masterpiece meal all before 1:00 if I really wanted to. It sounds weird to say that working here seems like a waste of time, but really that's exactly what it is. 

Unfortunately my debt is getting in the way of my stay at home dream! I don't have that much really but I'd like to get rid of it before I accumulate any more. I started paying it off (FINALLY) this month and have already put a $500 dent in it! A little under $4000 to go! WOO!

For anyone who doesn't check their credit report I would HIGHLY recommend getting a credit karma account and checking that shit out. I logged into mine to see what the skinny on my financial situation was and guess what??! Some douche bag opened a verizon account in my name at my old address AFTER I moved out! So not only is this prick fucking up my (already less than sparkling) credit score, but they also some how stole my social security number! Totes COOL!

Needless to say I'm disputing it, and already filed a police report. Such a pain in the ass, and since my boyfriend's parent's pay all of our utilities (meaning i have no proof of residence) I have to drag them into this dispute.

I've just been having oh so much fun the first weeks of 2016. I'm not tripping though, these are just little bumps in the road and soon they'll be behind me. Stay positive bitches!