The hanger is real

 My boyfriend had to wake up at 4:30 this morning for work so naturally I got up with him because what kind of girlfriend would I be if I let him leave with out eating a nice breakfast? Other than that I had no REAL reason to be up at such an unholy hour so to make it worth it I went to yoga at 5:30am, AM. It's official I have hit a new level of crazy. It was the best decision I've made all year! I walked in there tired and questioning whether this is really what I wanted to be doing in (what i consider) the middle of the night and I left feeling so refreshed and ready for my day! 

Like I've said before my job is really boring, today my boss decided to actually have me do some work [can't you see I'm writing a blog here? 😒] As ready as I was for the day I wasn't ready to starve, I ate breakfast at 4:30 this morning people! He come gallivanting on in at noon and is like can you wait a while to go to lunch ... Uh I guess... And then literally has me do so much shit I was busy until 4:00! I turn into a feral baby dragon when I'm hungry. I barely made it home, almost had a melt down trying to buy cheese at the convenience store because someone was trying to return an E-Cigarette and I just wanted some fucking cheese for my tacos, and then when the light didn't turn green and the walk signal came on it was like Satan himself had entered my soul and then I realized just how crazy I am.. I clearly need a therapist. 

Since I know you're so concerned at this point  I finally ate a taco (burrito), sweet potato chips with guac, and half the chocolate out of my make it yourself trail mix. Thanks wegmans 💋 I wish I could apologize to all the people I murdered in my head not to long ago #sorrynotsorry I'm off to troll the gopdebate on Twitter (@aej0x follow me) cause I have no life. So thirsty.

Later bitches