"You're not even going to check?"

I love dressing up, I don't care what the occasion is as long as I can get at least mildly fancy I'm into it. Even though I have so many clothes that I literally have no where to put them every event is a reason for a new outfit. Saturday we had to attend Chris' family friends Christmas Party so needless to say after my morning yoga class I journeyed out to the Mall with my friend to create the perfect outfit.  This outfit could not have been more perfect, I'm obsessed and wish I could find a reason to wear it everyday. Does anyone else do this  or am I just a serious weirdo?

Saturday was also my mothers birthday, who was so out of it when I called her response to my wishing her a happy birthday was Happy Birthday! Like i had just wished her a Merry Christmas or something, GO MOM... Having fulfilled my obligatory annual phone call to my momster Chris and I made our way to the Party. It was cute, it's hosted by friends of his parents so I basically just hung out with him and his parents all night while skilfully drinking just enough so that I wouldn't be my awkward self but also so I wouldn't be noticeably drunk, I'd like to give myself a pat on the back for that. I didn't start acting annoying until we left when I demanded to be brought to the liqour store by my sober boyfriend at 11:30pm (they all close at 11) just to "check if they might still be open" #goals.

Now that its monday and I've done all these things that I don't typically do (drink, eat trash) I feel like I'm dying. I really don't understand how people can treat their bodies like this all the time and live normal lives, i hope my stomach forgives me soon.