I Just can't.

I'm sure this is a little to soon for me to be spewing out my political views but whatever. There aren't many things in this world I don't like (that's probably a lie #sorrynotsorry.) But more than anything I hate ignorant people, and I'm not talking blissful ignorant teenagers I'm talking fucking uneducated, redneck morons who think there fox news bullshit is somewhat relevant to anyone's life. The same fucking ignorant rednecks who are so eager to take advantage of this countries welfare system but vote for the candidates whose campaign platform wants to abolish it. It's not like me to go on a rant about politics but this is just to stupid. I literally cant.

Anyways, this is photo has recently been a local topic because Foxborough High School banned it from their year book for being... DISRESPECTFUL. I had a girl telling people on facebook that if they "don't like it, move" because she was standing on the flag. I'm almost positive this same walmart shopper of a human owns a pair of American Flag FLIP FLOPS (hypothetically shouldn't that be just as disrespectful) #logic. It isn't even an actual flag, its a backdrop! This poor teenager clearly didn't mean any disrespect, if anything all I see is a girl who is trying to show her support for America.

It really irks me that people don't have anything better they could be focusing their time on other than belittling a CHILD for using the Flag as her backdrop for her yearbook picture when there are way more important things going on in this country. There are mass killings almost weekly and somehow this welfare leech had the audacity to compare this photo to the events that happened in Furgeson, MO.


People like this literally make my stomach turn and make me fear for the future of our country. can't wait for yoga tonight because this kind of stupidity is fucking up my inner peace.