How to Help Victims of Hurricane Harvey

It is impossible to ignore the devastation being caused by Hurricane Harvey. The pictures, news stories, and social media coverage have been heart breaking over the past week and its hard to sit back and do nothing, I know proximity is a factor here but if you're able, please consider donating your time, money, blood, belongings, food, or shelter. They need it and they will for some time.If you want to help but aren't sure how here is a list of resources I was sent: 

  1. Feeding Texas
  2. Cajun Relief
  3.  Texas Diaper Bank
  4. Houston SPCA
  5. Texas SPCA
  6. Donate Blood (Find a donation center near you) 
  7.  Community relief effort items to be sent directly to the victims via amazon
  8. J.J. Watt's fundraiser  
  9. more ideas/resources


50% of profit from all purchases made from the my shop will be donated to the victims of Hurricane Harvey as well.

Diapers, wheel chairs and pet food/cat litter are a big necessity right now. I applaud the people of Texas putting their safety on the line working to get the people of Houston to safety!  I may not be from Texas but I am #houstonstrong

Diamonds in Retrograde

It has been such a busy and exciting year, and it looks like it's going to continue to get better and better! First the Superbowl, then Key West, and now I've done the one thing my fellow red headed Kween, Kathryn, has been trying to do for years, I got Chris to put a fucking ring on it! 💍 I still can't believe it, every time I get a glance of my (gorgeous) ring I can't help but smile!  I'm also still very confused as to how he actually wants to spend the rest of his life with an actual psychopath,  I'm going to refrain from bringing that to his attention though.

I knew that this was coming at some point in the near future but I was so genuinely surprised when he proposed, it was the sweetest moment of my life, which is probably why it was so unexpected, not to say that Chris isn't sweet because he is the most amazing, sweetest guy,  but romance wasn't his first language and I was totally not expecting him to do it where or how he did. I genuinely hate myself for saying this but I can't wait to marry my best friend



I genuinely hate myself for saying this but I can't wait to marry my best friend.

but can we all take a moment to appreciate my electrician brothers sick photography skills, he totally missed his calling.

Alright, alright since I know you're dying to know how he did it.... WELL we were up in New Hampshire with my two brothers and my nephew sitting around a campfire, my younger brother and nephew were being ass hole per usual and left, well Chris announced his phone was dying and asked my older brother to take a photo of us

( this is where I should have known; getting Chris to take a cute picture together is like asking Shannon if she wants to hang out with Vicky this season. she doesn't. )

he then got down on one knee, I told him to shut the fuck up (if that's not romantic idk what is) and then he asked me if I would marry him. Given the current state of the Universe i said no. JUST KIDDING but there's more on that below. I said yes, obvi. 

I genuinely hate myself for saying this but I can't wait to marry my best friend

Sorry for always making everything about me but I'm excited to share this with you guys, hope you're ready to see some wedding planning!! Hopefully knocking the venue off the list this month, set a date, all the other fun stuff and really start workin' on my fitness #sodelicious (if you guys would be interested in posts about my gym routines let me know!) 

Don't worry if that's not really your thing I'll still be doing the rest of the basic ass shit I do like going to patriots games and drinking pumpkin spice lattes that Dunks specially releases on my birthday every year, it truly is a gift #PSL 



after I accepted Chris' proposal I realized MERCURY HAD JUST GONE IN FUCKING RETROGRADE (can you believe that shit) years ago I told Chris that if he proposed when Mercury was doing its little dance I'd say no, the universe is laughing at me right now.  it's ok though I'm sure I was protected by the three crystals I shoved in my bra that morning but I won't be making any more big decisions until September 5th! 😂